Friday, January 25, 2008

Post Secret

Please check out my old, new favorite site. I forgot about it for a while, new secrets come out every Sunday, What do ya think?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I love xkcd


6 pounds!!! My first week was a success. Now, everyone knows that everyone does really well that first week, never to be matched again until they go off the wagon, gain all their weight back, and then restart. But it was such an encouragement. I am still on the wagon with bikini dreams! YAY!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


No, not the WWF you may be version. "Weight Watchers.....F*#$!" Woops, I meant to say fudge. Sort of. I am heading back to WW tonight. I hate aging metabolisms and bad genes. (that's right, it's the genes!) Vacation is coming in only 7 short weeks and I have at least 27 pounds to lose by then. Some of you are probably saying, "wait, didn't she say that weeks ago?" Yes..yes I did. So I am serious now. I had a Baconator on the way home from work to seal the deal. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't go after trauma like that. Ugh, I hate sharing about this, but with it brings a little more accountability I suppose. So, I got my sister to go with me, actually it was her idea and I said no, then reconsidered. I called my neighbor (she just started) for a ride over the 5 blocks to the school. NO, not pathetic, we will walk once the temp rises above 35 or so. If you don't see my progress on here, (oh brother, what am I doing?) please harass me unmercifully. If you need some pointers on how, hop on over to alive and kicking and read his latest blog. :)*teehee*

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I thought I was so original. You can imagine my dismay when I googled The Lazy Perfectionist, thinking it just might show my blog, and all sorts of hits came up!!! How could this be? I thought of this term. It was conjured solely to be concisely descriptive of my essence! This was me, not the guy on wordpress who is obviously very into computer programming and Japan and goes by the same moniker. There is even a thread from some poor mother getting advice for her 9 year old lazy perfectionist. This term came to me in one of the many car trips to work in which I ponder my general disposition and major malfunctions. It was, well... perfect.

Alas, it was not as original as I believed. I was however, listed about halfway down the page. woo hoo. And although someone thought of it before me, it fits nonetheless.

I thought this thread was particularly interesting:

habits of procrastinators #6
Perfectionism is just another excuse not to finish what you start, and is the realm of the true procrastinator. Or you could just be lazy and can't be bothered to start anything. Either way, you're not going to change - are you?

Is perfectionism just an excuse not to finish anything?
Are you the kind of person who puts off doing things because:
conditions aren't quite right;
you're not in the right frame of mind;
whatever you are doing won't meet your own high standards;
you're afraid that if you can do it once people will expect you to keep on producing to the same high standards;

OK, first things first:
Standards and expectations are subjective. What you might consider easy, someone else may find difficult and vice versa. Brain surgery is not considered difficult for a brain surgeon.
So the next question is - if the item is well within your capabilities - why aren't you doing it and doing it to the best of your abililty? Are you waiting for something or someone to jolt you out of your miserable way of thinking? Or are you waiting for some unseen point in the future? I'll wait until the kids leave home before I...; I'll go on that diet once I've eaten all the "bad" food we have in the fridge; I'll wait until i've won a million on the lottery before I... or until great aunt dorothy dies and leaves me that house in the 'burbs! Put it like this - you might be waiting an awful long time.
If the item(s) are outside your normal zone of comfort - the next question has to be asked - why aren't you willing to challenge yourself and your thinking? If you are not willing to challenge yourself you might as well go and buy a long box and go and sit in it. The effects are about the same.
It seems to me - that perfectionism is just an excuse - either not to finish anything that you start, or not to bother starting anything in the first place. So what happens? You burn the midnight oil to get whatever it is completed, because you failed to start "it" at a reasonable time. You probably justified your actions by finding other more "important" things to do. And because you managed to get something finished and handed in - OK it wasn't your best effort, well you didn't have time did feel justified in deluding yourself that it is OK to keep on delaying and putting things off, until you can do so no longer. In the real world - extensions just don't happen. Does this form of procrastination serve you any better than standing in a corner with your arms folded across your chest, saying - no, I'm not going to do that - because I don't want there!!
Probably not, at least you would be less stressed (out of work perhaps) but less stressed, but at least you'd be honest with yourself and everyone around you.
So stop dotting the i's and crossing the t's !! and just get on with it. Now is all the time there is, so stop wasting it. It might be a cliche, but it is also true that you only have one shot at today and every day at your life - do you want to get to the end of it, sitting in your long box wondering what might have been.

Many thanks

Thank you to so many of you for your calls, cards, comments, thoughts, prayers, and support over the last few weeks. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful and caring friends. I love each and every one of you!