Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our home away from home at the moment

Me and my "old" man

Thursday, September 18, 2008


We are here. It is a bit cold today, and blustery. I have pumped myself full of sudafed and advil and am making out quite well. We rolled into town about 7:30 last night, walked around a bit and found a lovely bistro in which to have a curbside dinner.

I am working on my French, but everyone is bilingual.

Today we are looking for the farmers market, trying to get our bearings, and are planning our big sightseeing trek for tomorrow when it will hopefully be about 10 degrees warmer. Jeff is napping now, then we will head back out.

The photo below is of the front of our hotel. The red awning and flower boxes (and the silver mini-van, but note the horse-drawn carriage in the foreground instead). We stayed here last night and will stay tonight. Then on to Le Chateau Frontenac Friday and Saturday.

Below is the view of our street coming out of the hotel. It is very lovely, and the town is unlike any in the US. Unfortunately, it isn't as big of a secret as I thought it was. The main industry here is tourism. :( But if you just block out all of the ginormous coaches that bus people in by the thousands, it is really rather European.

More later after I get some more photos. We are off again to the wine shop, and to try again to find the farmers market as Jeff is now up and ready to GO.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Soccer time

I wish I could say that Will loves kicking that ball around more than he likes getting all decked out in his 'uniform' but I can't honestly do that just yet. He does like playing quite a bit though.

He was the goalie for a bit during practice on Saturday and he thought that was the best!

Love and Marriage

My sister up and flew to Vegas and got married in May.
They had a small ceremony and a nice reception a couple of weeks ago. It was a gorgeous day, and it was so relaxed and well, just real nice. I compiled the pics in a book for her and you can see it here.

August 23, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello Stranger

I am refreshing my page. I really like all the neat new stuff you can add, however, it just serves to clutter I'm afraid. So after about half an hour of adding stuff, I decided to delete it all. Almost all, I made a few minor changes.

As this term draws to a close and I sit at my desk *ahem* studying, I am already fantasizing about what the next two and a half weeks of freedom and bliss will bring. How will I fill my days? Let me see....

I am vowing to update my blogs more reliably. (Also to keep up with yours as well!)
I am going to organize my 'want to reads' in order of greatest desire.
I am going to scan photos, negatives, and organize prints.
I will scrapbook.
I am going to get back together with Flylady. (I mean it this time)
I am going to change my children's attitude, behavior, and character by Friday. (with the help of Kevin Lehman)
I am going to have brunch with my girlfriends.
I am going to have a Sex and The City night with my girlfriends.
I am going to clean my house from top to bottom.
I will organize everyone's sock drawer.
I am going to have a 6th birthday party for my son.
I am going to Quebec for a week to celebrate my husband turning 40.
And maybe spend a little time prepping for the next term.

All in all, I am looking forward to a relaxing time.