Thursday, February 12, 2009

A bone

Oh my gosh, what a hypocrite, RIGHT? I know, I know, I get so mad at myself for letting all of the school stuff be so consuming. It's just that there is always something to be reading, some technique or theory to be studying, or just something else to know that I don't just yet. I have even been horrible at checking blogs. Apparently one person still checks, thanks Tiff.

I am heading into the last leg of my training. I have 14 weeks left. My last day of class is June 5 and graduation is June 13. I have already reserved my hotel rooms. I have to go down once more before then, in April, to do what they call a standardized patient exam. A videotaped exam of me and an actor that is the patient. I do the physical exam and come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan after the interview. It is pass/fail and could mean big trouble if I fail.

I have recently hit the wall as they say. I have never run a marathon, but I am very familiar with the feeling that I just. can. not. go. on. It has gotten a little bit better, but I was so (SO) ready to bag this whole thing. I am not even sure I am ready to go back to work and leave my little ones. (I know, they are not so little, but.....) So I contemplated taking some time off, maybe finishing next summer. My husband in his infinite wisdom, didn't think this such a swell idea. I am so tired, so sick of having no life outside of whipping up crappy dinners, having a dirty, messy house, and this frigging computer and about a dozen books that are open all the time. Ugh.

So there's all that. On a positive note, I am doing clinical locally, at the Packer and hope to be able to stay there until graduation. The Docs are willing to have me and I have been informed that they have considered hiring an NP for a long time. One Doc told me that he would see if I work out based on my performance during clinical. Yikes! (no pressure!) So it seems as though if I don't come off as a total moron during the next couple of months, I might have a pretty good job when I am done. It has been really a wonderful learning experience there so far, I am getting more stuff in than I have all year, and the docs are really good to me. So, this is exciting. It is a really nice unit and I like the pace and the structure. Driving out to the big parking lot and catching the shuttle every morning and afternoon, not so much. But hey.....

So, just a simple update for the few who still poke around these parts :)