Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tragedy of the commons

This started out as a reply to Amy, but got too lengthy for a comment. I also thought a new thread would be better for opening it up for discussion.

Disclaimer: I do not have the answer to this problem, and I find myself vacillating between two ideals. But I am going to put his out there for your consideration.

[regarding "Sicko"]
Yes, michael moore is too dramatic, and slants his work to the nth degree. He also oversimplifies the solutions. Canada works, but he didn't look at the other costs. You lose a good deal of your healthcare autonomy, the gov't makes the tough decisions for you, like if you are going to get the dialysis you need, or that cholycystectomy that would make your life so much more bearable. There is a reason that those who can afford it come from all over the world to get their healthcare here in the US. Is the current system troubled and probably going to implode? Yes.

But is socialized medicine ethical?

I suppose it depends on if you think healthcare is a right or a privilege. Most of us in the trenches of healthcare go with the former, rather than the latter, but this presents a dilemma. the tragedy of the commons is a metaphor that has been applied to biology, economics, evolutionary psychology, sociology, and now healthcare. It goes something like this:

There is a finite amount of pasture. Everyone in the village has equal access to it and allows their cattle to graze.The downside is that the resource is exhaustible. Rationally, it makes sense to each individual herdsman to maximize his gain, that is to add to his herd. He asks what the gain would be to him. The positives of adding to his herd are realized by him only, the negatives of overgrazing the land are shared by all the herdsman and so each experiences just a fraction of it. So the logical thing for each individual to do is to increase his herd. But every herdsman does it. Therein is the tragedy, that each man is locked into a system that compels him to increase his herd without limit, in a world that is limited.

Ruin is the destination toward which all the herdsman push by each pursuing his own best interest in a society that believes in the freedom of the commons. Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all.

So, is everyone entitled to unlimited healthcare? Or is socialized the way to go. Do you subscribe to a utilitarian view or a deontological one?

Moore does his best to piss off the population and fuel the rancor towards the current government. I think he is very effective at that. But you have to take him for what he is, a movie maker. He exposes many of the injustices our current system employs, and that is not at all bad. I just don't like it that he thinks he has all the answers.

Our healthcare system is jacked up, and sooner or later, change will occur. And I doubt it will matter what philosophical stance you have. It scares me nonetheless.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

what to do...what to do....

I have neglected my blog. I miss it, but I have been keeping up pretty well reading all of yours, even if the comments are few. I am a bit obsessed right now with my new macbook and the new photo equip I have acquired over the past few weeks. It is so exciting! I can barely do my FLYlady (and sadly, my house shows it). Also, classes have started back up. Diagnostics and assessment this term. It is sort of the final didactic training for checking someone out, head.to.toe. There is also a lab component, to which I say, crap.

Now, it only stands to reason that you should have to demonstrate your ability and hopefully proficiency at assessing and diagnosing someone. What I am worried about is that female internals and paps are a part of the curriculum. This could be a deal breaker people. I have no interest whatsoever in either simply doing a onetime demo to prove I can do one, nor do I ever want to incorporate it into any type of healthcare I practice in the future.

Moreover, I do not wish to be the "mannequin" for my lab partner.

Good thing I am interested in learning photoshop. Maybe I could do some freelance graphic design, or *gasp* maybe even some photography. Heck, I would rather do just about anything than look at, "inspect", palpate, or culture someone's crotch.

I know, I know....we all need comprehensive healthcare. I am all for that. I just want someone else doing that part.

I am in psych for crying out loud.

Well, I suppose I will find out what my fate is soon.

Other than that, I am immersed in my tech, and gearing up for the rest of the class. I am thinking about learning a new language too, I just can't decide which one. Spanish is most practical and I have a bilingual friend who is fluent. She could talk to me in Spanish and help it along. The only thing is, I would much rather learn French or Italian. hmmm, decisions, decisions.....