Friday, May 9, 2008

A quickie

So, things have been relatively ok. Things are looking up, I think. Nate seems to be doing ok, (ghost post). I have really been stressed over this latest class, not only because of the content (you know what I'm talkin about) but also because there are two visits to campus to demo our skills. Skills I think have gone the way of the dinosaur for me. I really need some practice, so if anyone wants a free head to thorax exam, let me know. (Thorax is to the chest, not below!)

This summer I am scheduled to spend most of my time in Philadelphia for clinical, however I was able to speak to my advisor and she was very supportive of changing if I could. It will take some negotiating, but I might be able to spend only a few weeks in Philly, and the rest locally. That has been such a huge weight off my shoulders. I told Nate the other day that I wouldn't be here for his field trip, that I was going away for a few days, and the kid broke out in tears and said "I don't want you to go, why can't daddy go?!" So I guess he doesn't dislike me all that much.

One thing that is really exciting for me, and has I think, helped to ease some of the stress is spending some time with my dear friend Jen, and as we say, "gettin our God on" (for me, gettin it back on).

I have been dry for sooooooooo long. Dry, dry, dry. And it feels so good to just put my feet back in. And to not have someone telling me to just jump in, you get used to it faster that way. Or worse yet, some crazyass trying to push me in, ya know?

So in a nutshell, that is the latest. Nothing dramatic, nothing unusual. Just the persistent stressors, but some bright spots that I didn't see before.