Sunday, November 30, 2008

Applause needed

at least it feels that way. My word has this ever been a thorn in my *ahem* paw. I have written papers before, bigger and I am sure better, but this was a bugger! Well, here she is in all her glory, only 18 pages in all (yes, including tables and references. But still!) but not so bad and it will have to do at this point. I am D.O.N.E

and this is what my house looks like.

and this

Now for all my snarky friends out there thinking 'what is so different?', well, it is. But that is about to change for when my lovely family gets home from church, we will listen to Christmas carols, make cookies, sip hot chocolate, and transform our home.

I hope.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

another one down

Another term is about to end. I am done with clinical next week and just have a paper and a final to take then I am half way through this grueling year. I am done June 13. Actually before that since that is graduation. This has been the hardest term yet. Clinical experience. Let's say I have high hopes for the next term.

I swear I am on another planet most of the time. I have no idea what the goings on are at my house. It will be nice to be in the loop again. One thing I do know about is the GINORMOUS screw job we have gotten from our house painter/contractor. I never thought this would actually happen in a small town, let alone to us. Our super nice contractor who promised us the world and brought my kids McDonalds every morning while they were here took our money and ran. That's right. Thousands of it. He was such a slippery little shit, talking up a storm about what he can do, what he will do, when it will get done, how great their work is, etc......... We thought "Is he too good to be true?"


I know, I know, 'why did you pay him up front Teresa?!' B/C we were foolish. So if you want to hire a fantabulous painter who is going to take care of you, do not hire Joe Tripp aka Creative Coatings out of Wyalusing. Now we have gotten estimates from someone else to finish the work and we have to go to court. What a pain.